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20 Effective Home Remedies for Mosquito Bites

Summer is not just time of camping and eating delicious fruits, but it welcomes these disturbing and tint creatures called mosquitoes to suck your blood. What makes it worse is the fact that only female mosquitoes suck your blood, passing severe diseases and disorders to millions of people every years. Today we have sorted out the 20 Effective Home Remedies For Mosquito Bites, which are always helpful for treating mosquito bites.

1. Onion For Mosquito Bite Treatment

Onion is undoubtedly not favorite vegetable of many people, but it is mandatory to be informed that it acts as most economical and promised best remedy for mosquito bites. For being packed of phytochemical compounds (lallicin) and flavonoids (quercetin), onions are known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities. To prevent the itching of mosquito bite in result of female mosquitoes’ saliva left on your skin, all you need is to apply fresh sliced piece of onion over affected area. Allow the onion slice to leave some its juice over mosquito bite for instant relief from itching.

Onion For Mosquito Bite Treatment

2. Baking Soda for Mosquito Bite Relief

For treating redness and swelling after the mosquito bites, you should not panic or rush to surgeon, all you need is to look for baking soda in your kitchen! Baking soda is magical tool for fighting against mosquito and bug bites by neutralizing skin pH in few seconds.

Baking Soda for Mosquito Bite Relief

For relieving itching of bug bites, all you need is to made adequate paste of baking soda and water for applying on affected area. Allow the paste to sit over there for at least 10 minutes, after which wash it off with cold water. (Note: For mosquito bites, baking soda can also be rubbed in powder form over skin.)

3. Turmeric Powder Relieves Mosquito Bites

For preventing and treating mosquito bites, turmeric is an official insect repellant according to the American Druggist and Pharmaceutical Record of 1913, in which it was published that turmeric powder is cheaper and effective alternative of Persian powder, saving military people against insect bites.

Turmeric Powder Relieves Mosquito Bites

To save you from itching of mosquito bites, you can use dry turmeric powder for rubbing on affected area or make paste of one table spoon of turmeric powder with water to apply on mosquito bite for 10 minutes.

4. Aloe Vera For Mosquito Bite Itch Relief

Basically the plant aloe Vera is naturally packed with vitamins and minerals which act as soothing tool over itching/swelling. For instant relief of mosquito bite, it is ideal to apply aloe Vera gel, which can be extracted from this plants leaf.

Aloe Vera For Mosquito Bite Itch Relief

5. Apple Cider Vinegar For Insect Bite Treatments

If mosquito has feasted on you leaving big red bumps, apple cider vinegar is there to rescue you from crazy scratching. The presence of acetic acid in apple cider vinegar will allow it to act as anti-inflammatory and cooling agent for soothing the itchy feeling of mosquito/bug bites.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Insect Bite Treatments

All you need is to take adequate amount of apple cider vinegar to dilute it with equal amount of water before applying over the affected area.

6. Bar Soap For Mosquito Bites

Nothing can be simple than washing your effected area with mild bar soap, as it will clean out the saliva of female mosquito left on your skin, causing the itchy feeling after feeding on your blood.

Bar Soap For Mosquito Bites

7. Tooth Paste For Insect Bite Treatment

Here comes the quick home remedy against mosquito bites, which requires nothing but stamina to walk to your bathroom and grab your tooth paste! Yes, your tooth paste is enough active for reliving insect bite, as it will simply dry out the area in few minutes, neutralizing the pH of affected skin.

Tooth Paste For Insect Bite Treatment

All you need is to simply apply good amount of tooth paste and leave it overnight, the presence of menthol in your tooth paste will kill the urge of scratching yourself.

8. Green Tea For Mosquito Bite Relief

No doubt it is okay to feed a tiny creature out of your body; obviously they cannot suck all the blood! But yeah! The insects i.e. bug and mosquitoes leave inflammation and redness after feasting on you, to keep scratching the targeted area for next several hours. If you are not in mood to rub yourself, you may need green tea as home remedy for treating mosquito bite in a snap.

Green Tea For Mosquito Bite Relief

The tannic acid in green tea helps to relieve the swelling and itchy area, for which you all need, is a tea bag of green tea. Damp it in the cold water, and allow sitting it over affected area for at least 10 minutes.

9. Honey For Mosquito Bite Itch Relief

You might be thinking why the hell will a sweet substance soothe the mosquito bite? But it is mandatory to know that if you are planning to live a healthy life, honey must be in your beauty/lifestyle regime right away. The anti-inflammatory properties of honey makes it highly recommended for treating swelling/itches of insect bites.

Honey For Mosquito Bite Itch Relief

The best way to use for mosquito bite is to apply enough amount of honey over affected area and then use wrapped ice cube over it for few minutes. This golden goo-honey will do its magic, without leaving your skin sticky.

10. Lemon For Mosquito Bite Treatment

To treat the itchy and inflammation of mosquito bites instantly, lemons are highly recommended for it’s highly acidic and have an anti-inflammatory effect on the mosquito bite. Basically the lemon juice will soothe the affected area, disallowing it to swell for making red bump over your skin. All you need is to cut a lemon into half, massage gently over the affected area, allow its juice to sit for 5-10 minutes, and you are done!

There is another benefit of applying lemon juice for treating mosquito bites, is these tiny creatures hate the citrus fruits making them repel for further sucking of your blood. (Note: It is often reported in some studies that drinking lemon water for daily, makes you fight against insect/mosquito bites.)

Lemon For Mosquito Bite Treatment

11. Heat For Mosquito Bite Relief

This may sound a bit odd that heating the affected area of mosquito bite makes no senses, but it is surprising to know that heat denatures the proteins (from saliva of female mosquito) on the site of mosquito bite which is actually responsible for transferring inflammation beneath your skin.

Heat For Mosquito Bite Relief

Simple you can wash off the targeted area with warm water, or for better results, heat a spoon, and allow it to cool down a bit. Then apply the warm spoon on your affected area for few seconds, to break down the protein giving you instant relief.

12. Lavender Oil For Treating Mosquito Bite

Itching and scratching are not only the problem of mosquito bites, but there are certain species of mosquitoes than are able to transfer diseases and allergies (skeeter syndrome) while injecting their saliva when they suck your blood! It is crucial for you to treat the mosquito bites following this effective home remedy for mosquito bites-lavender oil. The anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties of lavender oil will soothe the swelling and itchy resulted in mosquito bites.

Lavender Oil For Treating Mosquito Bite

(Note: Always dilute the essential oil with carrier oil before applying to skin i.e. take equal amount of lavender and coconut oil for gently messaging on the affected area for quick mosquito bite relief.)

13. Ice Cubes-Home Remedy For Mosquito Bite Itch

Here comes another promised and tested way of treating mosquito bites for lazy pants, which are not willing to do much but cry in pain of bug/mosquito bite. Ice cubes are always helpful for soothing insect bites in few snaps, as it will simply numb the nerves fooling the immune system to react against mosquito bite by constricting the blood vessels in affected area.

Ice Cubes-Home Remedy For Mosquito Bite Itch

All you need is to apply wrapped ice cubes on the targeted area in dabbing motion for few minutes, allowing the skin to numb.

14. Tea Tree Oil-Effective Medicine For Mosquito Bites

Not merely soothing your frustration, these essential oils i.e. tea tree oil will reduce the itching and swelling of mosquito bites, for being packed in antibacterial properties. Always keep in mind; these essential oils must be used in diluted form, avoiding damage to the skin. For relieving mosquito bites, take few drops of tea tree oil to dilute it with water in ratio of 1:5 i.e. one drop of tea tree oil and 5 drops of water. Then apply the diluted tea tree oil on affected area to gently massage for few minutes, and this will soothe your frustration and itching in few snaps.

Tea Tree Oil-Effective Medicine For Mosquito Bites

15. Aspirin Paste- Home made Mosquito Bite Cream

It is obvious that one would not know the sudden mosquito attacks, in such circumstances, it is ideal to make your home-made mosquito bite cream with aspirin, as these medicines contains active ingredient i.e. acetyl salicylic acid. For its anti-inflammatory properties, aspirin paste will relieve the pain and itching in magical way.

Aspirin Paste- Home made Mosquito Bite Cream

All you need is to grind a aspirin table and add few drops of water to turn into paste. Apply the paste over affected area for reducing itch and swelling caused by mosquito bites. (Note: You can also wet the mosquito bite site, and press aspirin tablet over it for few minutes.)

16. Garlic For Mosquito Bites

Yes! It is official that we all hate garlic for its odor, but for mosquito bites, garlic is truly a blessing. Being rich in sulfur compounds and anti-inflammatory properties, garlic is ideal tool to fight against insect/mosquito bites. Simple you have to peel of ½ cloves of garlic and gently massage it over affected area for relieving swelling and inflammation caused by female mosquito bites.

Garlic For Mosquito Bites

(Note: Here are some important tips for preventing mosquito bites: eat enough garlic or use garlic-scented lotion during camping in summer, the sulfur compounds emitting through your skin will repel bugs and mosquitoes.)

17. Basil For Relieving Mosquito Bites

Basil, the aromatic leaves which enhance cooking, but they can be used to treat the mosquito and insect bites. Basil leaves are loaded with natural compounds i.e. thymol and camphor-the natural pain relievers along with eugenol for soothing itches. Apply freshly crushed basil leaves over your skin; allow the affected area to suck its juices, relieving the itching in seconds.

Basil For Relieving Mosquito Bites

18- Banana Peel For Mosquito Bites

You might have heard that banana mash do wonders for your skin and beauty regime, but this is new for you to know that the soft interior of banana can reduce the swelling and itching of skin too! Banana peel is rich in acids and vitamins, which makes it effective substitute of expensive creams to treat mosquito bites.

Banana Peel For Mosquito Bites

In case of unexpected mosquito bite, you just have to peel off a banana, eat the fruit for energy and apply its soft interior over the mosquito bite reliving the swelling caused by mosquito bites.

19. Coconut Oil For Treating Mosquito Bites

Coconut oil is essential for beauty/skin regime from past centuries for its wonderful hydrating and healing properties. In case of mosquito bites, coconut oil is undoubtedly an excellent mosquito bite remedy for insect treatment, as being packed in antibacterial properties, coconut oils helps the skin to relax.

Coconut Oil For Treating Mosquito Bites

Pour few drops of coconut oil over mosquito bite site and rub it gently, it will soothe the itching eliminating the urge to scratch you down.

20. Salt-Effective Home Remedy For Mosquito Bites

Before scratching the mosquito bite site, you must grab salt from your kitchen to treat the itching and swelling caused by saliva of female mosquito. Being an economical and effective home remedy for insect bites, using salt against mosquito/bug bites is personal favorite of people living in tropical climate. Salt is packed in antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it effective for relieving itching. All it requires is pinch of salt to rub over the mosquito bite site or dissolve adequate amount of salt with water for applying on large areas.

Salt-Effective Home Remedy For Mosquito Bites

Important Information To Follow:

It may sound irrational if it is said so that female mosquitoes target selected bunch of people for sucking their blood! Yes! It is scientifically proved that people will O+ blood group attracts more female mosquitoes, and these tiny creatures can detect the chemicals emitting by your body making it easy for them to choose their feast. People having bacterial attacks and high blood temperatures temps the female mosquitoes to suck your blood, more than the average people, to avoid this, you must take care of your health overall.
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